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As the world looks to innovate and rely more on more on data collection, safety and surveillance, we’ve seen a huge uptick in in-vehicle tech servicing and installations. Thanks to a combination of these products below, many of our clients now experience these benefits for their fleets and businesses:
- Safer Driving
- Reduced Running Costs
- Increased Productivity
- Improved Fleet Control and Monitoring

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Featured Product of the Month


The Oyster 2

The Oyster2 is a compact, rugged, waterproof, cellular GPS tracking device designed for heavy duty usage. It features a long battery life, an IP67 rated housing that is UV stable, and comes paired with an asset tracking suite that makes it a breeze to get started in no time. The device works on 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT networks, and can be fitted with Lithium-ThionylChloride (LTC) batteries, for extended temperature tolerance. The innovative battery meter allows precise battery level monitoring and accurate battery life predictions. It’s a great choice where access to external power sources does not exist or is difficult to access. Most common applications include vehicle, trailer, bin tracking, heavy and light machinery.




Robust battery-powered or wired GPS tracking device with inputs/outputs, I²C Sensor Interface, and uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track assets both outdoors and inside buildings, warehouses, depots etc. This is a super-smart, battery-powered tracking device in a rugged IP67 housing - in particular designed for asset location with temperature monitoring. Its GPS signals are boosted by a unique low-noise amplifier (LNA) allowing operation where other units fail.


G120 In-Vehicle Mobile System In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)

G120 IVMS is an advanced tracking system which can monitor vehicle usage, driver ID, and driver behaviours to maintain safety and compliance. It can technically give a view of who is driving the vehicle, when and where it’s driven and, of course, how it is driven. Through this, there would be a significant reduction of risky driving behaviors because of the monitoring, evaluation and a driver coaching program.


Cel-Fi Go Stationary Smart Signal Repeater

Cel-Fi is a new type of mobile booster device called a Smart Repeater. It’s the only consumer repeater that is approved for use by all mobile carriers in Australia. Repeaters operate wirelessly, so don't need to be plugged in. They are the most common and cheapest way to improve the signal for fleet monitoring. It works by only repeating the signal of one particular carrier and has inbuilt protection to ensure it does not overload or interfere with network operation


Iridium Edge

Speedy time-to-market is a critical component in today’s highly competitive communications environment. Iridium Edge™ is a turnkey, environmentally sealed, rugged hardware device that reduces the cost and complications associated with hardware development, manufacture and certification of satellite-specific terminal. Deliver more value to your customers by leveraging your existing terrestrial-based IoT solution for fleet management, telematics, safety and other remote monitoring applications through Iridium Edge.



The Dart2 is a compact cellular 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT tracking device with a feature-packed and affordable vehicle tracking device with inputs/outputs, remote immobilisation for fleet management, driver ID, driver safety and behaviour monitoring, theft recovery, and more. This is easy to use, lightweight yet versatile fleet management solution with no need of sacrificing performance or reliability.


Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

This non-flammable and neutral ash and metal-free formula is designed to clean away any existing soot particles in your engine, without the need to remove and dismantle the filter. It evaporates without leaving residue behind. It helps make your Diesel Particulate Filter lasts longer, deferring the need to pay for an expensive new filter. Completing the regeneration cycle will not take much time. Cleaning restores the full flow capacity of the filter, and your Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve can also be cleaned by using this product. Stouch Auto & Mechanical always looks to innovate and push the boundaries of mechanical servicing.  We also only use the latest products to ensure maximum engine-life and treatment, preventing breakdown or damage where possible.


Ethos Edge

A full-function scan tool built with enhanced features such as embedded operating system, dedicated to diagnostic functions for fast and reliable operation, reset procedures completing after component replacement, auto vehicle ID that reads all accessible vehicle systems and helps in keeping technicians moving when unsure which system is the root cause. It automatically powers up when connected to a vehicle and software is readily available for an upgrade online at any time with ShopStream Connect. It also has special functions like brake bleeding, steering angle reset, battery relearn and service light reset, that support in speeding up maintenance tasks. Purposefully created to make diagnosing vehicle systems fast and easy. Stouch Auto & Mechanical prides itself on using comprehensive and advanced diagnostic tools to help deliver better services for our customers. You can be assured we'll look after your vehicle like it's one of our own.

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