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Basic car maintenance : How to check windscreen washer fluid

08 August 2019

As humble as it is the windscreen washer in every car is something we take for granted, until one day we find it empty at exactly the wrong time. Checking the washer bottle level and washing your screen at least once a week removes dirt and grime from the windscreen. Plus, wetting the wiper blades extends their lifespan. Use water or official windscreen washer fluid. If you are living in a rural area and get lots of bugs that hit the screen, you will certainly benefit from having the ability to clean the screen whilst you are driving. Having a clean and clear windscreen is extremely important at all times when driving. It eliminates the judgement of error which is often caused when you do not have a clear vision. Stouch Auto and Mechanical focus on all aspects of safety within vehicles which includes the state of your windscreen and washer bottle level.

To check the bottle:
Ensure that the engine has cooled down. Lift up the bonnet and locate the windscreen washer reservoir. In most cases it is located at the front of the engine bay near the radiator. Take off the cap and check the level of the water. Most liquid reservoirs have level markers on them. If the level indicator is half full, it is best to fill it up. Remember to put the cap back on.

Keep in mind that the rear screen washer might have a bottle hidden in the tailgate, boot or compartment inside the rear door.

To test that the washers are working correctly, turn the car key to the "on" or "accessory" position. Then turn on the wipers and washers. There should be a steady stream of water coming out of the washers, if not then the washers may be clogged. Call Stouch Auto and Mechanical if you are having difficulties.

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